Jeffery Fry
Senior Business Development Engineer at CloudBees
Greater Seattle Area | Computer Software

Experienced solutions architect with a proven track record of working with partners to deliver innovative integrations. Award winning solutions have been delivered for VMware, Cisco, AWS, ServiceNow, AppDynamics and others.

Senior Business Development Engineer (2017 - Present)
Privately Held, 201-500, Computer Software

• Developed and launched AWS Marketplace Kubernetes/EKS deployer for CloudBees Core.
• Winner Best of VMworld 2018 - DevOps. Developed integrations with vSphere, VMC on AWS, VMware Kubernetes Engine (VKE) and Pivotal Container Service (PKS).
• Developed and launched the GCP Marketplace Kubernetes/GKE deployer for CloudBees Core.
• Developed and launched the VMware Autoscaling Jenkins plugin.
• Validated and developed the Kubernetes installation procedures for CloudBees Core on Vmware Kubernetes Engine and Pivotal Container Service.
• Launched the CloudBees ServiceNow app and Jenkins plugin
» Developed and certified the ServiceNow app and Jenkins plugin.
» Managed the technical aspects of the ServiceNow partnership.
» Engaged our customers to develop product requirements and launch early access.
» Lead the marketing launch of the solution including developing marketing collateral, engaging the ServiceNow ISV team, and planning the Knowledge18 announcement and demos.
• Deployed and managed our Kubernetes-based enterprise product on Google Kubernetes Engine to provide a large scale hosted solution to our technology partners.
• Providing technical guidance on the validation of our enterprise product to Kubernetes vendors such as Suse, Diamanti, Pivotal, VMware, Microsoft and Amazon.
• Developing a vSphere and VMware Cloud on AWS Jenkins plugin to support a hybrid on-premise and cloud CI/CD solution.

Blog Posts:

Founder/Owner/Developer (2009 - Present)
Trackaroo, LLC

• Developed and published several motorsports apps with over 50,000 paid downloads and over 100,000 total downloads.

• Android Apps:
» Trackmaster - The top selling motorsports lap timer for Android that includes an app and GWT/GAE cloud service ( for race data synchronization and management. Listed in the Top Paid in Sports in the Android Market.
Featured in: Road Racing World Magazine, Autoweek, &
» Dynomaster - A motorsports performance app that measures horsepower, acceleration, and more. Listed in the Top Paid in Sports in the Android Market.
» Corner Weights - An app that calculates optimal vehicle weight distribution for road racing and circle track.
» Camber Gauge - An app that uses your phone to measure wheel camber angle for better handling.

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