I am long overdue for an update so here goes. I have been slowly working on the rear car and putting together a solution to protect the transmission and also provide a rear wing mount.

These were the inspirations.
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Welded some mounts to the rear chassis brace.


Set up the frame for this structure. I used clevis ends on the tubing ends to attach to the chassis. That way I can remove the whole structure if I need to pull the engine.


Fabricated some saddle gussets to reinforce the cross members.


I cut away a lot of the rear bumper. The plan is to replace the cutout with a black metal mesh and then just go with a pair of circular tail lights on the ends. The rear wing supports would then attach through there along with running the exhaust through the center.


I have a cross member that protects the transmission.


The whole thing can rotate up or be completely removed.