Month: April 2015

Bye Bye STI

Off to a new home in Oregon…




Man, you guys make it sound so easy! Tried the hose clamp method without any luck. I am using the STI rear shaft. The groove in the FFR shaft is deeper and looks wider. I think that makes easier. Yet another STI issue it seems.


Damaged Axle Shaft

I was having a hell of a time trying to get the rear outer CV back onto the rear axle shaft. The circlip was a real bitch. Using a hose clamp and a hammer didn’t work. So I took the 12 ton press to it and damaged the splines.


The sad thing is I only removed the rear outer CV to investigate which axle shaft to use. Then discovered the rear shafts were the ones.  Sigh….off to eBay to find another rear axle assy.

Axle Shaft Fun

Spent today figuring out which axle shaft is going to be just right. From others, it sounded like I was going to be using the front shafts and dealing with the extra length. Well that’s not the case with the 2004 STI. Fortunately, I can use the rear shafts. So with a 2004 STI you can use the rears, keep the outer CV on and then just switch out the inner with the front inner.

Here are the specs:
Axle / Spline Count / Diameter / Length
FFR 80237/ 29 / 0.935″ / 20.75″

2004 STI Front Shaft / 32-30 / 1.02″-0.9625″ / 20.75″

2004 STI Rear Shaft / 30 / 0.9625″ / 20.75″