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How to access the ExtraHop REST API using Java

Although ExtraHop provides a powerful visualization system out of the box for viewing and analyzing your network traffic, you may need to retrieve your ExtraHop network data for integration into other systems. Perhaps you need device data for an overarching inventory management system. Or you may need specific application metrics for custom calculations involving other data sources. ExtraHop provides an extensive REST API for these purposes. It provides access to just about anything that you would want to know about your network. If you are looking to export a large amount of your network data in real-time, then you may want to opt for our Open Data Stream.


How We Log Exceptions in Production Java Application Servers

One of the challenges of Java web application server development is catching and analyzing exceptions from your web application after deployment into a production environment. Whether your web application is deployed on Tomcat, Apache Geronimo, Glassfish or JBoss/Wildfly, analyzing exceptions involves digging through application server logs to isolate an issue.


Creating Tables Programmatically with DynamoDB Local